Gainesville Police: 2 suspects still wanted in fatal 2016 shooting

Gainesville police escort two suspects in the shooting death of Antonio Mason on Tuesday. Photo by Marissa Sarbak.

Gainesville Police say three men are in custody and two more on the run in connection with the 2016 shooting death of a man who was holding his 11-month-old daughter in his arms.

Antonio Mason was killed and his daughter wounded on July 27th after masked gunmen stormed into his home at NW 4th Place in Gainesville.

Gainesville Officer Ben Tobias, department spokesman, said 27-year-old Jacoby Sheffield; 25-year-old Daryl Wilkerson and 21-year-old Jamal Thompson are all in custody.

He said police are still looking for 32-year-old David Lock and 28-year-old Rodney Sheffield, both of whom are believed to be armed and dangerous.

Tobias said Rodney Sheffield offered money to the four other men to retrieve money from the house because he believed someone who lived at the house stole money from him.

The men broke into the house and shot and killed Mason while he was holding his daughter, Tobias said. Both Mason's daughter and Jordan Smith were hit by gunfire but survived.

Tobias said whoever may have stolen money from Rodney Sheffield did not live at the house.

Police credited witness testimony and anonymous tips, combined with physical evidence, with helping them solve the case.

“Three people are in jail today for this heinous crime,” Tobias said. “A man was killed while holding his infant daughter. The bullet wound in her arm will be a constant reminder that her father won’t be able to watch her grow up. We will continue to work around the clock until Rodney Sheffield and David Lock are in custody.”

All five men face charges of first degree murder and two counts of attempted murder, Tobias said.

Mason's neighbor, and friend of the Mason family, Tracie Davis, was right across the street on the night of the shooting. Davis remembers, "I was like afraid because I live across the street from where the gentleman got murdered at. So today, knowing that they got caught and everybody is in jail I feel more comfortable living on this street."

Another neighbor, James Monroe, says even months after the shooting, the arrest of these men is great news for their neighborhood. Monroe says, "A lot safer, you just know that crime happens everywhere, but just to know that the police can still do what they got to do and catch suspects, at least it makes it better for the family members and loved ones."

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