Coach McElwain says no Michigan prep yet, and not shaken by QB race

At this point - the Gator football team is looking pretty good claiming 11 preseason All-SEC honors. But even with all the honors - fans are still looking for an answer on which out the three quarterbacks will start.

Coach McElwain says, ""Your'e going to see a bunch of them in there playing. The three guys have done a really good job. I'm not naming a starter right now."

Just 10 days away from the first game of the season and still no answer on the starting quarterback. But one thing Coach Mac says is the battle has brought out the best.

"Ultimately the guy the team moves with the best," he says, "the guys that have positive plays on third down and get the ball in the end zone."

Preparation for Michigan has yet to start but positions across the board are stiffening.

Florida Punter Johnny Townsend says the depth is no question. "We have depth at every position... we got a lot of speedy guys. With Dre Massey back there... We're excited to see him work this year."

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