Gators wrap up Week 3 of fall camp, quarterback battle continues


The Gator football team is wrapping up another week of practice and as the start of the season continues to grow closer the anxiety grows.

There is just two weeks until the season opener and Coach McElwain has yet to announce who will walk on the field as starting quarterback come September 2. There are also some questions on how the team will fill the holes of seven suspended players.

But Coach Mac seems pretty confident in closing the gaps, saying a lot of young players are stepping up to the plate.

"You're going to see a lot of new names out there playing a lot special teams," Coach Mac said. "And that's not for lack of other players, these guys have stepped up and really want to play. And (they) have embraced it."

Today, last year Coach Mac named Luke Del Rio starting quarterback. A victory short-lived due to injury. And while he's aware of an uphill battle in the quarterback race, he says his focus is on competing.

But staff and teammates say between the work-ethic of spring favorite Feliepe Franks, transfer Maliek Zaire and Del Rio -- who knows who will win the three-man battle.

"QB reps will be pretty balanced and some of that depends how they move the team. If they move the team they're going get more reps, they dont... that's not a good deal," Mac said.

The question of who's going to win the job may not be answered but Coach McElwain continues to praise the competitiveness each bring to practice.

"This is nothing new for me," Maliek Zaire said. "This is the 5th go 'round for me. As a quarterback you got to be a catalyst of the offense in terms of you got ot be able to inspire these guys around you to make them better to play. So for me my own focus has been internally focused focus on my job."

Del Rio alongside other teammates boasts Feliepe Franks and how he seems like a whole new player. He is more confident, poised, simply battling for the top position. So it seems like it's going to be a last minute decision.

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