McElwain: spring scrimmage not an "end-all" for freshmen QBs


When it comes to naming a new starting quarterback for the Gators, head coach Jim McElwain said the spring scrimmage is just a piece of the puzzle, not an end-all.

But, what he does want his two freshmen QBs to learn is how to perform in front of a live crowd in a game-like situation.

In last year's spring scrimmage, Feleipe Franks completed just 5 of 11 passes with three interceptions.

"I'm sure he'll be excited to get out there and re-do whatever he did a year ago," McElwain said on Franks. "Let's face it, the defense is gonna know the route combinations, and the offense is gonna know the coverage shells based on rotations and that kind of stuff. So it's not trying to trick anybody as much as, let's see if we can get our second step in the ground, create some movement, win some one-on-one's -- those types of things. In Feleipe's case, making sure he knows what color jerseys we're wearing because he kinda threw it to the other ones last year."

McElwain noted that Michigan, UF's first opponent of the 2017 season, will be watching the spring scrimmage, so he said Friday's game plan will be limited and "vanilla."

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