Tabor slides, Davis shines in Florida Pro Day


In a day that's supposed to improve a player's draft stock, it may not have done so for Jalen Tabor. The former Gators cornerback finished the day with his 40-yard dash time near the 4.7-second mark.

But, for anyone criticizing his slowness, Tabor says, "just press play."

"I already did everything I could do. Just press play," he said "I mean, that's what I do. I'm pretty sure I got more picks than a lot of the top guys -- I'm pretty sure I got more touchdowns than they got picks -- so I don't get it. You know what I'm saying? They saying I'm slow, but I'm not getting beat that way, and I'm beating people back this way."

After clocking a 4.62 in the 40 at the NFL combine earlier this month, Tabor opted to work out again at Florida's Pro Day with hopes of improving his 40 time.

His stock may have taken a hit, but he's still confident he's a worthy first-rounder.

"If they pick the other guys, their loss," Tabor said. "I can't be mad. It ain't my loss."

"I don't know if he's ever been beat. He'll chase guys down if he wants to," Florida head coach Jim McElwain said. "He plays on film and puts on film that the speed is not an issue. And I think that's exactly what a lot of these guys [scouts] have talked about."

The winner of the day was linebacker Jarrad Davis, who helped his stock soar with a 4.56 40-time and a 38.5-inch vertical jump. It was his first time performing in front of NFL coaches and scouts -- he skipped workouts at the combine due to an ankle injury.

"I think they see a vicious, mean athlete," Davis said. "Somebody who plays with a different mentality each and every snap. And that's how it is. Every drill, every workout, every rep in the workout I do, I want to come with a different mentality."

For the 21 former Gator players who participated in the day's workouts, meetings and interviews with NFL teams will continue until the draft on April 27.

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