Pet Yorkie returns home 7 years after being reported stolen
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It's been a homecoming 7 years in the making.

Seven years ago, Laurie Davies says her 6-year-old Yorkie named Sergeant Pepper disappeared from her yard.

“Someone later posted his picture on Facebook," said Davies. "They said they had the dog. But when I called the guy he did not have the dog and said he gave it up to someone claiming to be the owner.”

She says she filed a police report reporting him stolen with ACSO, but as the years passed, she had given up. Then, this week she got a call from an animal control officer saying they identified Sergeant Pepper by his microchip when they found him walking in the rain down the road.

“She said, 'I have sergeant pepper, your dog.' So I was dumbfounded," said Davies. "You know I almost passed out and said, 'are you sure?'”

But he wasn’t found on a road in Florida.

“On the phone, she said 'where are you?' I said well I’m at the hospital. The animal control officer answered 'no, what state are you in?' I said, 'I’m in Florida, what state or you in?' She said 'I’m in Michigan' and I said what? You’re in Michigan?”

Davies flew to Michigan to retrieve him. She says although he has changed in the 7 years, he's a bit frailer and his eyesight is going. He still recognized her when they were first reunited.

“Oh it was amazing," said Davies. "Absolutely amazing. I’m telling you I got tears in my eyes, that’s for sure.”

Davies has two other dogs at her home, one is Sergeant Pepper's brother. She says Sergeant Pepper has already taken control of his new situation and is fitting in well to his once again forever home.

"He may only have a couple of years left in him," said Davies. "It's nice to have him have comfort with people who he loves, and I love him.”

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