Her Ex Murdered Her Boyfriend: Erika Friman on the Pedro Bravo Story

It's been a week since a jury convicted Pedro Bravo of murdering his best friend and UF student, Christian Aguilar, in 2012. But tonight this case is back in the national spotlight. Evidence in the two week trial shows Bravo was obsessed with his ex-girlfriend Erika Friman who had moved to Gainesville and started dating Aguilar. GTN's Hailey Holloway is live with more from the girl at the center of the brutal murder who's story appears on tonight's Dateline NBC. We learned during the trial that when Bravo found out his best friend was dating his ex-girlfriend, he moved to Gainesville and enrolled at Santa Fe where Friman was a student. He didn't even have a major -- he just wanted to get her back. Friman was at the trial with more and more evidence coming out every day point to her as the motivation for the murder. "I think it was a mixture of jealousy academically and a mixture of jealousy involving me...It's a very heavy burden I feel as well. It's very something heavy that doesn't go away." Friman spent two weeks at the center of a trial with an international spotlight. The world watched while she she sat in the same room as her boyfriend's murderer, listening to how obsessed he was with her "I still loved her. I was still very enamored with her and I really wanted to get back with her... So I also had a set idea that I'm going to go get her back." Friman had no clue part of that idea was to murder her boyfriend; all she knew was how deeply she was in love with Aguilar. "I mean, we weren't even dating that long and we had the the death talk. We had, you know, 'What happens if something happened tomorrow and you got hit by a car?' And he looked at me and he was just like, 'I don't know what I would do without you. I don't know what I would..' you know? And I looked at him and I was like, 'I'll tell you what you're going to do, You're going to find somebody and you're gonna live your life.'" Dateline was also at the trial with us for two weeks; they are airing a piece on the story tonight. Dateline reporter, Dennis Murphy and I chatted for awhile this afternoon about what we thought of Bravo during the trial and some of the evidence that came out. "His words were, I think the scariest part - those journal entries that came up and the letter from jail. The things that he wrote were the scariest part to me in everything that we saw." "The journal sort of gets you into the mind, you know, it's your private place where you put down your thoughts and your words. ." "Yeah, and you also the the progression because they showed his writings from when he was with Erika, when they were dating and in love and you see the progression of how his mind is changing through his journal entries. It starts out loving and it grows so dark and then you finally see him planning murders. "And I don't know where that switch gets flipped, Hailey, because when you look at them at Doral Academy, 16, 17 years old and they're the cute couple around the school, none of that dark stuff of Pedro was coming out." "No, not at all." "How did you go from being this promising, young kid, artsy to a killer at the age of 18?" "All for a girl." "All for a girl" Dateline's hour long piece airs at 9 tonight on MY11
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