Michael Bargo of the Summerfield Six Asks for Life Sentence Over Death Penalty

He was the ringleader in the brutal killing of Marion County teenager, Seath Jackson, and its won't be long before Michael Bargo learns his own fate. A jury has already recommended death, and soon it will be up to a judge. First, witnesses for both sides are taking the stand in what's called a spencer hearing.

Judge David Eddy listened to multiple witnesses including the father of Seath Jackson -- the fifteen year old Marion county boy who was beaten, shot, dismembered and burned by five teens in 2011. The defense asked Jackson how he felt about twenty one year old Michael Bargo, the "mastermind" behind his son's murder. "I'm not allowed to put that in my words. Let's just go with I don't particularly care for him and all this is unnecessary " "The jury found Bargo guilty of murder about three months ago and they suggested the death penalty. But today Bargo's attorney is here, asking for a life sentence instead." Dwayne Hooper also spoke. His daughter, Amber Wright was Seath Jackson's ex-girlfriend and she was dating Bargo when Seath was murdered. Hooper says he knew Bargo very well and treated him like a son, but there was a definite change the month before the murder. "There towards the end, I sensed something different about Mike and I was uncomfortable. I really did not want him at my house anymore, I did not want him around my kids any longer." "Did he begin acting bizarre?" "I wouldn't say bizarre, but he was Mike Fargo that I knew." "This is the first of two hearings before the judge will make his decision.

Four others were convicted and are serving life sentences in this murder. They are 19 year old Charlie Ely, 21 year old Justin Soto, and siblings Kyle Hooper and Amber Wright. Wright was Bargo's girlfriend at the time of the killing and was Seath Jackson's ex-girlfriend.

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