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Solar Impact

Solar Impact

Solar Impact, Inc., was founded in 2007 by Elaine and Barry Jacobson. When considering the purchase of a solar photovoltaic system for their home, they were quoted around $45,000 for an installed 5,000 watt system, which was typical for the industry. Given that the system would produce around $1,000 of electricity and had an expected 30-year life, the system would never come close to paying for itself.

In 2009, Congress extended the solar investment tax credit and eliminated the $2000 cap that applied to residential systems. This brought the net cost down to around $31,000, which was considerably better, but would still barely break even over the 30-year life of the system.

Based on their experiences, they saw a need for reasonable cost solar electric solution and guidance through decision making, purchasing, installation, rebates, solar incentives and tax credits. And Solar Impact was born!

There's never been a better time to realize your solar energy goals. The following are just some of the reasons home owners and business owners overwhelmingly choose Solar Impact for installation of their solar panels.

There are only 28 NABCEP certified solar contractors in the State of Florida. Of these, only a handful are licensed professional engineers. Of that handful, only 2 have their PhD in Engineering. Barry Jacobson is one of them.

The Solar Impact installation team brings over 55-years of construction experience with special emphasis in roofing, electrical and solar PV. Dave Peebles, our in house electrician, has personally led the electrical installation of over 50% of the solar electric systems installed in the Gainesville area

Because every one of our systems is designed by a licensed Professional Engineer, each one carries $1 million in Errors and Omissions coverage should there be any error or flaw in the system design.

Top three in the state of Florida

Solar Impact clients include McGurn Management Company, Mike Warren/AMJ, Inc. The Florida Museum of Natural History, UF East Campus, UF Hillel, UF Institute of Aging, UF SunSense Project, Alachua County Libraries, Alachua County School District, Gleim Publications, Oaks Veterinary Clinic, Gainesville Regional Airport, Millhopper Montessori School, Avera & Smith Law Firm, Dell Graham Law Firm, Pinnacle Point Apartments, NanoSonic, Gainesville Job Corps, Tyndall Air Force base and over 95 residential clients. Contact us today to experience the Solar Impact difference.

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