Active Shooter training in Gainesville with a holistic approach, combining forces

Active Shooter training in Gainesville with a holistic approach, combining forces

The Institute of Public Safety in Gainesville held a new training program called Tactical Emergency Care.

Alachua County Fire Rescue brought law enforcement and fire rescue from all over North Central Florida to work and train together, learning special tactics in case of the event of an active shooter.

"Many of the calls we respond to involve law enforcement and EMS so we already have a good relationship," Alachua County Fire Deputy Chief Harold Theus said. "We just want to formalize that relationship in a real life situation."

Theus said these agencies have different training methods but with training sessions like this, agencies learn how to speak the same language, call signs and movements if an emergency were to take place.

He said learning to respond to injuries and to make sure everyone is safe, are the reasons for active shooter training.

"The stress level that's involved in these types of situations is tremendous", he said. "The more times we can practice these types of things- the repetition will help them deal with stress and their actions become automatic in what they do."

It's not just law enforcement and fire rescue that had training. The program was made to cover all grounds, whether you're an average Joe or a first responder.

Training director Reed Smith said they want to empower citizens who are involved in these types of events so they can help themselves until help arrives.

"From each step of the game starting with the citizens moving to police and EMS responders and moving to our hospital first receivers," Smith said.

They call this a holistic approach, where they spent each day training everyone involved in these emergencies to help get to their goal of zero preventable deaths.

"We want empower each link of the chain and by doing that we will get to zero preventable deaths," Smith said.

He said we have a lot of work to do, but Gainesville is well on its way.

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