Alachua comes together to heal after gang-related shootings


The city of Alachua is trying to heal after two gang-related shootings last month left one dead and five wounded.

The community gathered at Maude Lewis Park Saturday where just one month earlier Dana Walker Jr. was shot and killed. A day later, three adults and two children were wounded in what police called a revenge shooting.

"If something happens in your community it's things like this that keep your community safe and sound and gets the neighborhood together and says, 'We care,'" Mayor Gib Coerper said.

He said when something bad happens, it's important to come together and make things better.

"You can see it here," Coerper said. "The kids, the parents, the churches: People came out to cook the food. This is what it's all about."

Muriel Mincer was at the park to honor Walker, her cousin.

"I'm here to support him and his legacy and everything he stood for," she said. "Non-violence, peace and love and this is what we are here to do.

Mincer said she knows her cousin is looking over her and that love will always prevail.

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