Alachua County agrees to give $300K Spencer payment back to University of Florida

Officers provide security during the Richard Spencer speech at UF in September.

Alachua County has agreed to give back the more than $300,000 it received from the University of Florida for providing security to the Richard Spencer event in September.

The county requested the money in January and this week the university paid it, but then asked for the money back because it said the payment was made as a result of an internal miscomunication.

Alachua County officials met with UF President Kent Fuchs Friday morning and decided to give the money back.

"The county and the university had a positive meeting this morning concerning the county's costs related to the Spencer event," Alachua County spokesman Mark Sexton said. "We've agreed to work together in an effort to reach a fair and equitable division of Alachua County's expenditures."

Sexton said the university and county will also work on a mutual aid agreement that will prevent any misunderstandings in the future.

The county initially charged UF for the event to cover bills for the fire department and law enforcement. UF argued that since it wasn't a university-sponsored event, and put the community at risk.

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