Alachua County Animal Services waives adoption fees


Animals are continually losing space and attention as Alachua County Animal Services is holding an overcapacity of animals. To free up some space, the shelter is waiving all dog and cat adoption fees Tuesday May 28 thru Saturday June 2.

“As of this morning our count is 171 dogs,” said Jeffery Huntz, a ACAS kennel tech. “I’ve been here for almost two years now, and I’ve never seen it this bad for this long.”

The more animals to tend to, the less attention and affection they get.

“When it’s over populated, it’s hard to interact with the dogs enough to get to know their personalities,” Huntz said.

If you can’t adopt one of these furry friends, animal services is desperately searching for volunteers to help get these dogs outside twice a day.

“We try and get them out as much as we can, we try to do play groups as often as we can,” Huntz said. “But with this many dogs it is difficult to have the time and the staffing to do that.”

Overcrowding can also be alleviated with short-term fostering—about a two week period.

Animal services will provide all the supplies you need, you just need to supply a loving home.

“We are a no kill shelter, so everything stays here until it gets adopted.”

If you’re interested in adopting or checking out some animals to foster, you can visit

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