Alachua County attempted murder suspect found in California

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An attempted murder suspect is finally behind bars tonight after being on the run for two years.

Detectives tracked this man all the way to California.

It all started with Deonte Timmons, a man who an Alachua County Sheriff’s detective says was robbing drug dealers in March of 2016.

They say he stole pounds of marijuana and a firearm, and his victims told him he needed to come up with $10 thousand or he’d be killed.

Authorities say the drug dealers called in two hit men from California.

These men hunted Timmons and found him at the Scottish Inn on 13th street in Gainesville, leading to a high speed chase and guns blazing down Williston Road as Timmons tried to flee.

“Ultimately, the victim’s vehicle became disabled in the area of Williston Road and I-75 when he got out of the vehicle and was shot,” said Lance Yaeger, an ACSO detective.

Timmons ran into the Kangaroo off of I-75 and Williston Road where a customer drove him to the hospital.

Authorities say he was eventually arrested along with the other suspects from the chase - but the two mystery men from California still remained on the loose.

“The investigation in the infancy was plagued by a lot of evidence tampering,” Yaeger said. “Obstruction. And it was a very complex investigation that took us all the way from California and back.”

In the beginning of the investigation, Yaeger identified Damourea Hill through a Facebook page, beginning their journey to California.

“We obtained flight records from Mr. Hill,” Yaeger said. “And on every leg of the journey was Bryan Green who was previously identified by other conspirators at B.G. Clearly, Bryan Green.”

Which lead to the only missing suspect left on this case.

After leaving Alachua county and returning to California, Green continued to find trouble…making him easy to find for detectives.

He was linked to a spree of robberies near Fresno, California.

“I interviewed Mr. Green in California in connection to this case,” Yaeger said. “And he was extradited back to Florida.”

Green arrived in Alachua county Thursday and is being held in the Alachua County Jail awaiting trial.

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