Alachua County extends waiting period, gun store owner says it won't fix the problem

Alachua County passes new Gun Ordinance

Alachua County commissioners passed a new gun ordinance Tuesday in hopes of reducing gun violence.

The ordinance extends the waiting period from three days to five days and requires a pre-purchased Florida Department of Law Enforcement criminal history check before you can buy a gun, even if you buy one from a gun show.

"The thought of the board is that , if someone is rushing to get a gun there is probably some danger there," Alachua County spokeman Mark Sexton said. "If waiting an extra two days gives someone a chance to cool off longer, who feels like they are in a hurry to buy a gun ,then the commission feels like that's a good thing," he said.

Sexton said they found states that required a longer waiting period had less gun violence.

However, Jack Pickett, owner of Pickett Weaponry said the extension will not solve the problem.

"If you want to talk gun control you need start with criminal control. This law is only only going to affect the law abiding.. no one buys a gun from me with the intent of doing something illegal," Pickett said. "If someone is trying to rob a liquor store, they're going buy the gun on the streets not from me," he said.

Pickett said his shop has been around since 1984, and he's worried the county ordinance could affect his business.

"I think we are going to lose Marion County buyers coming up to Alachua County, I think they just may go ahead and buy it in Marion County instead," he said.

The Ordinance will be in affect in a few days, after the Department of State receives the documents.

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