Alachua County residents honor MLK during all day celebration

Alachua County residents honor MLK during all day celebration

Residents came together today, hand in hand, to honor Martin Luther King Jr.

Different races, genders, and religions working to make MLK's dream, a reality.

The celebrations started at the MLK Gardens where Alachua County NAACP president Evelyn Foxx received the 2018 MLK hall of fame award.

"Unity and peace and equality for all man kind is the type of work that I do and I assume that's why they gave me this award," Foxx said.

Then at the Bo Diddley Plaza Samuel Ray, a senior at P.K. Yonge was recognized for his high GPA and for being a well rounded student.

He was awarded the 28th annual Keeper of the Dream scholarship.

Ray now has $7,500 to use next year when he goes to Vanderbilt, where he hopes to become a Civil Rights lawyer.

"The legacy of King should be something we preserve," Ray said. "We should try our best to uphold it. We've come a long way since the Civil Rights era and kings death but we still have a long way to go."

Thousands of people gathered at the Bo Diddley Plaza listening to empowering speeches. The theme this year was about speaking truth to power, meaning you have the power to speak your truth.

After that Alachua County residents honored MLK by marching just under 2 miles from the MLK gardens to the MLK Center.

Sally Williams said she marches every year and has passed it onto her kids and grandchildren for years to come.

"Many of the rights and privileges we have now we did not have them before him and we march sing in honor of him and as a gratitude," Williams said.

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