Alachua County Schools will add 7 minutes a day to make up for canceled classes


Alachua County Schools announced today that it will add seven minutes a day to each school day to make up for the two days of classes canceled by the cold weather on Jan. 3 and 4.

The change will begin Jan. 17.

The district lost 600 instructional minutes when it canceled classes due to safety concerns over the cold weather. It considered rescheduling classes on June 4 and 5 but decided to add the seven minutes to each school day. The district says the seven minutes will be added to instructional time, as opposed to lunch and recess, the district said.

“At this point in the school year and based on a number of other factors, we felt it would be best to add minutes to each day rather than add two more days at the end of the school year,” Superintendent Karen Clarke said in a statement. “This option minimizes the impact on students, families and staff.”

The district already used its built-in makeup days, and additional day, because of Hurricane Irma.

“We had no more unused make-up days left in the calendar,”Clarke said in a statement. “We also had to consider high school graduations and other end-of-the-year activities that would have been affected by a later ending date.”

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