Alachua County Sheriff's Office responds to concern over viral traffic stop


What was supposed to be a routine traffic stop for a speeding ticket escalated into an incident that has sparked conversation all over Gainesville.

18 year old Keyon Young was pulled out of his vehicle and handcuffed during a traffic stop after failure to comply with orders to get out of the vehicle.

"Had he followed the directions of law enforcement to get out of the vehicle which were repeated and very clear we would not have had this situation escalate to what it was," Sheriff Darnell said.

Alachua County Sheriff Sadie Darnell said it is department policy for officers to ask drivers to step out of their cars and come to the back of a patrol vehicle during a stop. Sheriff Darnell said she put the policy in place for the safety of her officers and its one that she will continue to stand by even in light of the incident.

" In this particular situation looking back at it I still stand by the actions of the deputy and do believe that they used great restraint and patience in the actions they took," Sheriff Darnell said.

However, the mother of the driver Chanae Baker said her son was treated unfairly and was the target of racial profiling.

" I have every right in the world to be angry when my son was pulled out of a car and he didn't know until the video was posted last night that it wasn't a gun," Baker said.

Baker said the incident is part of a bigger issue between law enforcement and the black community.

" It is for all the children here who live in fear of being pulled over by the police and no matter what they do its not the right thing. No matter what they do they are the ones being made to be held accountable and not the trained professional," Baker said.

Sheriff Darnell said she stands to uphold the call back policy that has been in place since 2002. However the sheriff says more will be done to inform drivers about the police and how to respond during a stop.

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