Alachua County spends $2.8 million on land to make a future park


From Paynes Prairie to Poe Springs, Alachua County is known for its wildlife.

Now its adding another 711 acres of protected property, located just off US 441.

“We all love the quality of life here in Alachua County, and a big part of it is our natural systems we’ve got springs, we have beautiful forests, all those things are what make Alachua County what it is,”

The property cost the county $2.8 million, and along with the City of Gainesville, they plan on creating parks and nature trails—all to help the natural wildlife and inform nature lovers on how the large ecosystem works around them.

“We are just trying to protect the best of that, before it all disappears,”

The county currently owns over 24,000 acres of land, for more information on Alachua County parks and preserves, you can click here for the Alachua County website.

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