Alachua County Sheriff, mom surprises fifth-grader who turned in loaded gun


Fifth-grader Charmarion Lewis was walking to Kimball Wiles Elementary School this week when he found a loaded gun.

Alachua County Sheriff's deputies say Charmarion hid the gun from other kids and told School Resource Deputy Phillip Mauldin.

Today the sheriff and Charmarion's mom surprised him at the school and presented him with an award. Alachua County Public Schools Superintendent Karen Clarke gave him a certificate of commendation, Sheriff Sadie Darnell gave him a Sheriff's coin and he received a special recognition from Crime Stoppers.

Deputies say the other kids with Charmarion wanted to touch the gun but he hid it and retrieved Mauldin.

"The gun was stolen. The gun was loaded. Other kids wanted to touch it. This young man made sure they didn't get it, hid it somewhere else, then told his teacher, assistant principal, and his School Resource Deputy - and then took "his" Deputy back to the exact spot where the gun was safely recovered," the sheriff's office posted on Facebook.

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