Alachua Habitat for Humanity awarded grant to restore neighborhood in East Gainesville


    The Greater Duval area in East Gainesville is in need of some attention.

    "I live there... I've been there since 1974 and there hasn't been a lot done," Habitat for Humanity's Neighborhood Revitalization Coordinator Carla Lewis-Miles said.

    She said there are a lot of abandoned houses and properties that need attending to.

    Lowes partnered up with Habitat for Humanity, giving them a $40,000 grant, to revitalize and restore the neighborhood.

    "We are coming up with programs and activities everyday to protect the integrity of our neighborhood and make it more inviting," Lewis-Miles said.

    But the revitalization program isn't all about cosmetics and restoring houses.

    Habitat for Humanity is hosting projects for children and families, to provide meaningful opportunities and building a safe stable community.

    "We are building houses but we want to make sure the quality of life of where we build changes.. not just for one homeowner," Lewis-Miles said.

    With building repairs and even a neighborhood garden, community members are already noticing improvements.

    "I walk miles in the neighborhood every evening for the 15 years I've lived here so I really know and can see when they make a change on a house or a street," Duval resident Deanna Langille said.

    To find out more information or their upcoming events and projects visit

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