Alachua County residents react to freezing temperatures

Alachua County residents react to freezing temperatures

The New Year is bringing some cold temperatures: ice, freezing rain and possibly some snow.

Yes, you read that right, a slight chance of snow in the Sunshine State.

Some people come to Florida to get away from the cold, like Joe Orvecz, visiting from Wisconsin.

“I was expecting warmer weather and to kinda escape the cold but this is getting pretty frigid,” Orvecz said.

As the temperature drops, Alachua County citizens are preparing for one of the coldest days, Gainesville has seen in a while.

Gainesville resident Jeiel Holmes said it's so cold he feels like he's back in New Jersey.

"I've got on three layers! I'm layered up," Holmes said.

Joe and Kelly Ruby went out and bought plenty of firewood and extra thermals for their family today.

"I've been wanting to see snow... I told her I was going to take her to see snow and now I don’t have to go anywhere," Joe Ruby said.

Some people are excited about maybe seeing some snow flakes in Florida.

“It’d be neat to see some flurries here although it would be nice to be laying out right now and tanning," Orvecz said.

So grab your jackets, and stay inside tomorrow... roads may get icy.

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