Amendment 13: Florida voters will decide if Greyhound racing will be banned

Dog racing has been a lucrative sport in Florida for many years but soon voters will have to decide if Greyhounds will have to find a new home.

Here at the Sanford Orlando Kennel Club, people come to bet on the races and watch the greyhounds wiz by.

But come November, Amendment 13 will be on the Florida ballot and Florida voters will have a say in these Greyhounds' fate.

"Amendment 13 that will both de-couple gambling activities and Greyhound racing and will actually ban Greyhound racing in the state of Florida over a 2 year phase out period in 2020," Margot Deconna, Alachua County Humane Society.

Supporters of Amendment 13 said the Greyhounds are treated poorly, crammed in cages and forced to race.

However, opponents say these animals are treated like any other pet, only racing once a day, one a week.

"We do care for these dogs... they get a good balanced diet, they get exercise they get let out 7 hours a day, they're happy dogs," Kennel Club Owner AJ Grant said.

He said these dogs are athletes, they eat 3 pounds a day, get good rest and cool off after the race.

"I just don't understand why people say we are inhumane to them," Grant said. "You just can't treat an animal bad and expect it to perform- and I think that's what the misconception is."

Grant said the kennels are spacious, he said they have a vet onsite has not had any fatalities during a race.

"Before you cast that vote come out and see us, we'll let you back in the kennel we'll give you a tour of the kennel facilities," Grant said. "Just give me the opportunity to show you how much we care for these animals,"he said.

As a voter you have until November 6th to decide.

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