Charge dropped against one man arrested after Richard Spencer protest shooting


Last October three men were arrested and charged with attempted murder when shots were fired after the Richard Spencer protests, and now, one of those men has had his charged dropped.

It happened on Archer Road just hours after Richard Spencer spoke on the University of Florida campus.

Police say three men in a jeep argued with protesters and one fired a gun.

Soon after, police arrested and charged William Fears, his brother, Colton Fears and Tyler Tenbrink with attempted murder.

But late last week, the State Attorney's Office dropped the charge against 30-year-old William Henry Fears because of lack of evidence.

Authorities say Tenbrink fired the shot while urged by Colton Fears-- but now say William Fears did not have a role in the shooting.

“We have the other two defendants that we are still prosecuting, and based on information, we were able to go forward with them in the prosecution, but William Fears, we’re not,” says Darry Lloyd, deputy chief investigator at the State Attorney’s Office.

Charges have not been dropped against Colton Fears and Tenbrink, and they are scheduled to go to trial in June.

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