Basketball Cop Foundation extends beyond Florida

Basketball cop back at it again

If you've heard of "Basketball Cop", you've probably heard about all he's done in the Gainesville community.

This time he went beyond that, traveling to Houston to help families affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Officer Bobby White said there was one father in tears thanking Basketball Cop Foundation. "These kids were in cooped up in shelters since the storm. We were able to give them a nice fun day, something normal for them," White said.

It was a nice fun day filled with food, bounce houses and of After driving to help out there, Officer Bobby White had to come back home to Gainesville, to help with Hurricane Irma

"We were kinda racing the storm here after helping was a crazy week," White said.

Whether it's storm chasing, or just lending a hand in the community, Officer White has been there through it all.

"Our mission is to build relationships between the police and the community. Particularly i like interacting with the kids and building their trust at a young age. Every healthy relationship is founded on trust," White said.

His goal is to find ways to build this trust. One way, is donating bikes to a youth group called Leaders Overcoming Through Faith, a community outreach program for boys in 6-10th grade.

White said it makes him feel good not only helping people but to have a part in bridging the gap between the community and law enforcement.

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