UPDATE: New female MMA fighter sought to take on Gainesville man after eye injury

Kris Zylinski predicts he will beat an undefeated woman fighter in two weeks.

Saturday update: McDojo Life says they're looking for a new female MMA fighter to fight a Gainesville man after 23-year old undefeated fighter Anna Dempster sustained an eye injury while training.

McDojo Life is offering $1,000 and the cost of accomodations for someone to fight Kris Zylinski of Gainesville after degrading remarks he made about female fighters.

Original story below.

Two weeks from now we'll find out who will have the last laugh when a Gainesville stand-up comedian takes on a woman MMA fighter, who happens to be undefeated.

It all started when McDojo Life, a company that calls out frauds in the martial arts industry, posted a video on Facebook about women using defense techniques.

Kris Zylinski took the bait and made several comments on the post saying the only way females can protect themselves is by using a gun.

“They said well a trained female can work off an attacker and I said no 99% of women will fail physically to 99% of men,” Zylinski said.

McDojo Life's Robert Ingram asked Zylinski if he was up for the challenge.

"He's like do you think you could beat a woman and I was like a professional fighter? I'd say its 80-20," Zylinski said. "If we fought 10 times she wouldn't win 10 times she wouldn't win the majority of them,” Zylinski said.

McDojo Life offered $1,000 to any pro female willing to fight Zylinski.

23-year old undefeated MMA fighter Anna Dempster agreed.

"If I can help put one person in their place and shut them up, then I would consider it a great victory for WMMA, too,” Dempster said.

Zylinski requested a fight with no rounds, to make it as realistic as possible. He said he is not getting any training, just using his gender as a vantage point.

"If you look at a woman and look at a man, use your eyes...who's going to win in a fight?” Zylinski said.

It's not often a man goes against a woman in a competitive fight and that's why gym owner of Breaking Point Martial Arts Charles Benham agreed to host it.

"There's a lot of hype behind this so I do believe a lot of people are going to travel to see this, live,” Benham said.

Benham said he’s been in the sport since he was 11 and has been training people for 12 years.

“There are girls that can give it to me ... and I'm trained,” Benham said.

Ingram said this fight will answer the hot topic question about woman’s martial arts.

"Does martial arts actually give woman the ability to protect themselves against a grown man?” Ingram said

McDojo Life said it does. Zylinski thinks otherwise.

"If this girl cannot beat an untrained male who is in decent shape then we can come to the conclusion that Ju Jitsu is basically useless for woman against men because she is at the top 1%,” Zylinski said.

CBS 4 reached out to Anna Dempster for comment but because of her busy schedule she was unable to do so. Dempster is flying from Oregon for the fight on January 6th. The fight will be at the Breaking Point Martial Arts center in Apopka. The fight will broadcast live on Facebook.

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