Battle of the Sexes: Fight between Gainesville man and female MMA fighter set for Saturday

Picture provided by: McDojo Life

The controversial MMA fight we told you about a few weeks ago is scheduled for tomorrow.

An untrained Gainesville man is set to take on a trained female MMA fighter for "a battle of the sexes" fight.

Organizers set up the fight because Kris Zylinski of Gainesville said women can't fight men.

They originally paired him up with undefeated Anna Dempster but she suffered an eye injury during training.

40-year old Tara LaRosa stepped in to take her place.

McDojo Life is setting up the event. we talked to director Robert Ingram on the phone today who said they anticipate a lot of viewers.

"She's 22-5 and she meets the criteria almost perfectly," Ingram said.

Ingram said LaRosa hasn't had a fight in 2 years but is ready to take on Zylinski.

"She is someone who has trained a lot and has had a lot of experience so this goes back to what we were talking about before, can a trained fighter beat an untrained man," Ingram said.

The fight is at Breaking Point Marshal Arts in Apopka. Open mat is at 5PM and the actual fight begins at 7PM.

Ticket sales and information will be provided on their Facebook page, they will also be streaming it live as well.

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