Bleeding control kits on school campuses in Alachua County could save lives

Stop the bleed kit .jpg

Public schools in Alachua, Dixie, and Bradford counties are now being equipped with bleeding control kits as part of an emergency preparedness initiative in the tragic event of a school shooting.

When it comes to school safety better safe than sorry isn't just as a cliché --- being prepared for a possible active shooter situation is something school officials and emergency responders take very seriously.

" If an active shooter God forbid should ever occur in our area, having the equipment available for those people to be able to stop loss of life is very important,” Alachua County fire chief Harold Theus said.

Trained school staff will now be equipped with potentially live saving bleeding control kits that can stop major blood loss in the event of a school shooting.

" Losing blood means losing life and so controlling that bleeding early on is very important,” Theus said.

School officials say staff have gone through training on how to use the kits and where to locate them on each campus.

" We have a nurse in every single one of our schools. We also have school resource officers in every single one of our schools and they have gone through specific training on how to use these kits,” Alachua County Schools spokeswoman Jackie Johnson said.

Safety and security director Casey Hamilton says the kits are part of a bigger safety plan being enacted in response to the violence seen in schools across the country.

" It ties right into our commitment to keeping our kids safe on campuses and all the initiatives we’ve enacted so far,” Hamilton said.

Theus says he hopes that in the future trauma kits, like the stop the bleed kits will become even more common on school campuses.

" Just like you have an AED kit in businesses, my hope is that one day you'll have a trauma kit next to the AED kit. So, everyone will know where those kits are and the more people we have trained to use those kits the better off we'll be."

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