Update: Soldier found dead in woods at Camp Blanding


    A soldier who disappeared from Camp Blanding this week was found dead Friday after an intense manhunt.

    The Clay County Sheriff's Office says the body of Cayln McLemore was found in a wooded area of Camp Blanding. "This now becomes an undetermined death investigation," the sheriff's office posted on its Facebook page.

    Original Story:

    Rescue agencies across the state are searching around Camp Blanding after a soldier disappeared.

    Gainesville Fire-Rescue dispatched equipment and personnel to Camp Blanding Thursday night to help find a soldier who disappeared.

    “The burden on any one department to support something like that would be too much, both financially and staffing wise,” Stephen Hesson, GFR assistant fire chief. “So to combine the efforts of multiple departments helps ease that burden but also allows the area to have the resources they need in the event it’s needed.”

    Soldier Cayln McLemor of the Alabama Army Reserve was participating in a land navigation assignment on Wednesday at 11 a.m. but he didn’t return.

    The extensive search began Thursday night.

    Multiple agencies including Ocala Fire Rescue and Marion County Fire Rescue have aided in the search for McLemor. The Clay County Sheriff’s Office says agencies have volunteered over 450 men and women.

    Gainesville Fire Rescue contributed multiple on and off-road vehicles to the search.

    “We have located some of the equipment he had on him in an area so luckily we’ve been able to concentrate the resources we have in those areas,” said Sgt. Keith Smith of the Clay County Sheriff's Office.

    Officials say the longer the search lasts the more dangerous it becomes - especially in the intense summer heat

    “The destiny of that person is in the hands of the rescuers and the resources we can bring to bare,” Hesson said. “If they have somehow met harm or are injured in any way, time is of the essence to find that person, to make sure they don’t succumb to their injuries.”

    Authorities say nothing is suspicious about McLemor’s disappearance, nor do they believe he's AWOL.

    Officials believe he may have become disoriented and dehydrated in the heat.

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