Car break-ins on the rise in Gainesville


Gainesville police say car burglaries are on the rise all over the city.

" We've been hit over the last year with almost 500 burglaries , which is about a 40 percent increase from last year's burglary rate," GPD officer Ben Tobias said.

Monday night police arrested a man with a history of burglary charges.

Police say 30 - year - old Jeremy Hernandez was walking around the Ridgeview neighborhood on NW 33 Ave looking inside cars and trying to find unlocked doors.

Police say this a common tactic criminals use when they're looking for a target.

" Just going around the parking lot and pulling on vehicles takes just a couple of minutes. If there is cash in there or anything else, that can be gone in just a few seconds," Tobias said.

Hernandez lives in the Cypress Glenn apartments, which has recently been plagued by a number of burglaries.

GPD said Hernandez may also be connected to other burglaries in the area.

The burglaries aren't confined to one specific area, so when it comes to keeping your valuables safe, police say the first thing you should do is make sure you car is locked.

"If its important to you its going to be important and valuable to somebody else as well, so I can't say enough lock your vehicles."

In addition to locking your car police say look out for any suspicious behavior in your neighborhood and report it to the police.

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