Caught On Camera-- Teens running away from authorities on suspected car theft

Caught on camera-- two teens were running from the cops after residents from Pine Meadow Apartments called authorities for possible car burglaries Saturday night.

“We had k9 respond we had helicopters show up and you’ll see in the video we use infrared equipment to find them,” says Brett Rhodenzier, Alachua County Sheriff’s Office spokesman.

During the on-foot chase, the teens led deputies to a retention pond just a few blocks away where they were arrested.

“We did find some property to those burglaries, and our detectives are following up since there have been several car burglaries in the area,” says Rhodenzier. “So we are definitely looking at what other involvement these two young men may have had.”

Rhodenzier says the key to successful arrests like these is residents always calling in suspicious activity.

“Somebody saw something and gave us a call, that’s what prompted the investigation that’s what gave us the head start we needed and that enabled us to catch these bad guys,” says Rhodenzier.

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