Check out this osprey nest above UF baseball stadium

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In the University of Florida baseball stadium, there are more than just baseballs taking flight.

“Well ospreys have a history here at the ball park, they have been around here, I think from the beginning they put these lights up,” says Professor Mark Hostetler.

Hostetler, a professor in wildlife ecology says he had the idea to put a camera on osprey nests right above right field.

“Watching it on camera, you actually see these different behaviors between the male and female, and especially when the chicks are being raised—so it’s kind of like a little personal nature right there in their city,” says Hostetler.

Ospreys are a type of raptor, and use nearby lakes to fish for their food.

“About every 3rd time they go down, they get a fish, so they are pretty good,” says Hostetler.

Ospreys also mate for life, which lead them here-- on top of third base, center left—and right field—and you can follow their nesting process—with a birds eye view.

“It’s just the ‘wow’ factor of seeing wildlife in your own back yard,” says Hostetler. “I think it’s interesting to put up a camera like this.”

Tons of people from all over the country watched the UF ospreys last year, but mother nature took over in a way no one expected.

“There was a heavy rainstorm, just before the eggs were about to hatch,” says Hostetler. “It was in late April, and there was a hole the formed under the nest and the eggs fell through.”

This year, they have their fingers crossed to finally see these two eggs hatch—and are thinking about naming them.

“Stay tuned, were thinking about naming the chicks so we’ll see how things go this year,” says Hostetler.

You can stream the osprey nest 24/7 online here.

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