Gainesville and Alachua County officials reach an agreement for homeless budget

City and County officials reach an agreement for homeless budget

Earlier this month Gainesville officials had a meeting to discuss a $100,000 increase for Grace Marketplace, hoping the Alachua County Commission would match that.

Today city and county officials met to talk about options for an increase in the operations budget for Grace Marketplace.

After a long meeting they finally reached an agreement.

City and County officials will each increase the budget to $75,000, a total of $150,000.

City Spokesman Mark Sexton said both parties had the same interest in mind but were going back and forth with numbers.

"Both commissions have a great deal of empathy and care a lot about people that are homeless... they are very interested in finding permanent housing, providing mental health and addiction services to them and giving these people a chance at life, having shelter and a roof over there head," Sexton said.

Now, city and county officials will meet again in 3 months to discuss further options for the homeless community in Alachua County.

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