Wawa planning to open four stores in Gainesville

City plans to open four Wawa locations in Gainesville

Wawa is planning to open as many as four convenience stores in Gainesville.

Wawa is going through the city plan evaluation process.

One location is planned for 1021 East University Avenue, where an old gas station and ABC Fine Wine and Spirits store used to be.

Another location is planned for 2373 Archer Road, in the empty lot next to the Bartram Apartments.

A third location is planned for Celebration Point and a possible fourth location is yet to be determined.

"This is a great asset. Wawa is known up and down the Eastern seaboard here they're South and North of us so it's really exciting to see them come into our neighborhood and provide more jobs especially in the east side of town," City Spokesman Chip Skinner said.

Project developers are submitting final plans and documents to the planning department. Once approved by city commissioners, they can start building.

No ground has been broken as of yet, so it may be a few months before people will start to see actual construction.

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