Gainesville, county leaders ask governor to protect LGBT workers


Community leaders, LGBT advocates and U.S. veterans came together today asking for equal protection for LGBT workers.

Terry Flemming , Navy vet and Co-president of the Pride Community Center of North Central Florida, said all hard working people should be treated equally.

"They should have the opportunity to earn a living to provide for themselves and their families," Flemming said

They announced a petition urging Gov. Rick Scott to sign an executive order to ensure no one is discriminated against.

Gainesville Mayor Lauren Poe said they need your help.

"We are calling on every Floridian to go to the pride community centers website, sign the petition and let your voice be heard that this is an important issue for you and our community," Poe said.

Brett Jones is a veteran and a member of the LGBT community.

He said true equality is an impossible mountain to climb, but to not be discouraged.

"The true summit lies in never giving up the climb," Jones said.

CBS 4 reached out to Scott today. His office released this statement: "Florida is a state that doesn't tolerate discrimination of any form. In accordance with federal guidelines, Florida state agencies do not discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation, and state employees should not be discriminated against in any way."

But those who spoke today say they want Gov. Scott to sign his own executive order in case federal law changes. The Department of Justice under Trump said this summer that federal law does not include the LBTG community.

The group plans to present the petition to the governor at the end of the year.

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