Controversial RTS sign keeps Corrine Brown's name

corrine brown.png

Just days after former democratic representative Corrine Brown was sentenced to five years in prison for a charity scam, her name remains on the Gainesville Regional Transit System Facility, with no plans on it possibly being removed this year.

“There is only one city commission meeting this year so they plan on taking it up next year after the holidays,” says Chip Skinner, the Gainesville city spokesman.

And the city has received mixed reviews

“We have those that are in favor of the name change, and those that say Brown did a lot of good things in the city and they should keep it up,” says Skinner.

The city says that if residents do want to speak up about the sign this year, they can speak in the last city commission meeting this Thursday at Gainesville City Hall

“I think that if there is someone better in the community who they could change the name, that would be a good option to appease people who are upset, I don’t think that’s necessary though,” says Jojo, a UF student.

The city says that removing the sign would be fairly easy, and would cost about $100 to complete.

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