Gainesville and county commissioners support upgrading emergency response radio system

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    At a joint city and county commission meeting Thursday, commissioners unanimously supported upgrading the entire radio system for Alachua county."

    Alachua county interim fire chief Harold Theus said the current radio system is 18 years old and because of its age there are issues with reception and coverage.

    Chief Theus, Gainesville Fire Chief Jeff Lane and Alachua County Sheriff Sadie Darnell all made a joint recommendation to upgrade to a newer more reliable radio system.

    " It’s important from a public safety point of view to have an assured radio system throughout the county,” Theus said.

    The new system is estimated to cost almost 7 million dollars.

    " Of course, the big issue or big concern is how do we pay for it. Do we pay for it through some type of half cent sales tax or a bond, but there are a number of options in which to pay for it,” Theus said.

    " No final decisions have been made on the funding source yet, but if commissioners decide to use a half cent sales tax it would be placed on the ballot for 2020."

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