Deadline approaching for Gainesville, Alachua County Fire Agreement

Deadline approaching for Gainesville, Alachua County Fire Agreement

There's a heated on-going debate between the City and County Fire Departments. The Fire Service Assistance Agreement (FSAA) deadline is approaching and they need to come up with a plan, by June 1st.

The county ended this agreement because they say it cost too much to pay for the city to respond outside of city limits.

Now the city is proposing to have completely separate dispatch systems.

"Obviously there needs to be a change...we were hopeful that we would get a new agreement, we thought we provided a lot of service to the county a reasonable price," Gainesville Fire Chief Jeff Lane said.

City and County officials met today to discuss plans and to even negotiate extending the FSAA to buy some time.

"I think at this point it's up to the city and county managers assigning someone who can have that independent conversation for re-implementing some sort of options for the city and county," Alachua County Fire Chief Bill Northcutt said.

They plan to meet again before the June 1st deadline. The problem is both fire rescue departments want to help as many people as possible but say it cost too much.

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