Director of National Institutes of Health talks to UF students and faculty

Dr. Francis Collins talking to students and faculty at UF.

Inside the Harrell Medical Education Center, Dr. Francis Collins heard from the students and faculty whose research his department plays a big role in funding.

Congressman Ted Yoho said he wanted Collins to come to the University of Florida campus to see that the research money from the National Institutes of Health is being put to good use.

" I wanted him to come here and see the fruition of a lot of the research that they fund. Whether its in the department of engineering or the department of bio science he's right at the forefront," Yoho said. "So I wanted him to come here and see how valuable that research money is."

Dr. Collins is most well known for his landmark discoveries of disease genes and his leadership of the Human Genome Project.

He's also the director of the National Institutes of Health which contributes millions of dollars in funding to research at the University of Florida.

" You just look across the spectrum of what we're doing from the brain research institute to the many disciplines in the bio medical field that they fund and the University of Florida is at the forefront of that," Yoho said.

NIH funding supports many areas of research at UF including research aimed at understanding the causes of disease and creating new treatments to prevent or reverse their effects.

Last year UF led the state in grant funding from NIH, earning over $180 million in grant money.

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