Do you love burgers? We found the best burgers in Gainesville


Whether it’s a drive-in, a diner, a fancy restaurant—or even standing out by the grill, the hamburger is a classic American staple.

“It’s just comfort food at its finest,” says blogger Ken Peng, from Ken Eats Gainesville.

“It’s very ingrained in our culture and in our brains as Americans because it is truly an American invention,” says Danny Hughes, owner of Loosey’s Restaurant.

But—what makes it so good? Long-time food blogger, Peng says it’s the toastiness of the bun, the flavor in the patty, and the quality of the cheese.

So CBS 4 went on social media and asked what your favorite spots were around town.

First up, Loosey’s in Haile Plantation: Hughes wanted to open up a bar for the older crowds in Gainesville--but it turned into so much more.

“The food was always intended to be something that would keep people in the building, and it became something that brought people in the building,” says Hughes.

His burgers are flown in from Northern California, and his bread is from a Greek bakery in New York—this burger may be from coast to coast, but this customizable meal has been bringing people to gainesville for years.

“There is still a lot of people who haven’t tried a fried egg on their burger there are still a lot of people that find it odd to put more than one cheese or bacon and onions,” says Hughes.

This burger is meaty. It’s seasoned with salt and pepper and has those crispy edges that bring you back to a backyard BBQ.

But there is one restaurant that takes it to a totally different level: Blue Gill Quality Foods. Chef Bert Gill started this business in 2011.

Even though this place is known for their seafood, their pimento cheese and bacon burger is its top seller.

“This burger came about because my children wouldn’t eat leftovers,” says Gill. “I had some ribs that were really delicious that were a leftover, so I took the pork and I took it off the bones, and mixed it in the ground beef and made them hamburgers.”

The one that was recommended by viewers the most was Public & General.

“I just think it’s classic,” says Manager Katie David.

But this burger is anything but ordinary.

“I think this is the best burger in Gainesville,” says Peng. “Because the simplicity the execution, and there’s no reason to overdo a burger, its just a classic cheeseburger, and it just hits close to home.”

If you want to pick up something quick, Peng recommends:

“I’m partial to Mac's Drive-thru, Sandwich Inn is also great, as well as Bev’s Better Burgers in Alachua,” says Peng.

So whether you’re just driving through, having a sit down with friends, there's one thing every chef in Gainesville can agree with is:

“If you’re going to make a burger, it better be a darn good one,” Peng says.

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