Domestic Dispute in Levy County turned deadly

Domestic Dispute in Levy County turned deadly

A domestic dispute in Levy County turned deadly this weekend.

Deputies say 56-year-old Luis Duran pulled a gun on his wife and threatened to shoot her late Friday. When deputies arrived they say Duran was drunk. They say was arrested before for a similar situation and 2013 and told them he didn't want to go to jail again.

Deputies entered the house early Saturday morning and found his body in bed with a gun next to his head.

"The level of violence that our deputies are facing on a day to day basis and with the people we are finding that are armed, suffering from mental issues or alcohol/drug abuse is becoming more and more frequent," Lt. Scott Tummond said.

Deputies said they were very strategic when entering the home, they took precautions and entered slowly.

The Levy County Sheriffs Office said they want to help these people get through their mental health issues and saddened it had to end like that.

As for the wife, they said she is okay and using Levy County counseling resources.

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