Driver shortage leads RTS to discontinue bus routes


A shortage of RTS drivers is leading to discontinuing and changing bus routes in Gainesville.

“We strongly recommend them to check their bus routes they normally frequent, and make sure the frequency hasn’t changed so they can get to school and work on time,” said Chip Skinner, Gainesville spokesman.

At this time, 18 routes have been affected, some routes more than others.

Routes 19 and 29 will be discontinued. Along with all of the Later Gators on Wednesdays.

Route 40 will have a frequency change of up to an hour, where most have about a 15 to 30 minute difference…along with changes in its hours of operation.

With these reductions, RTS will charge the University of Florida less for its on-campus routes, putting them in a revenue rut of over 52,000 dollars.

This should only last until the summer semester begins, Skinner said.

Skinner said by then, RTS should be back to being fully staffed.

“We do have a number of individuals currently if they all make it through the sequence of steps we need them to do,” Skinner said.

Refer to the graphic for all bus route changes.

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