Williams Elementary school kids make 'Colonial America' from scratch


From tending their farms, to learning how to be a blacksmith, fifth graders at Williams Elementary School are teaching their fellow classmates what it was like to live in colonial times in a more immersive environment.

“I felt inspired by their learning its really fun as a teacher to get their students away from the traditional school learning and get them to do something different and creative,” says teacher Laura Maxwell.

About 40 students in her class were assigned a character in the colonial simulation, but it was no easy task in the pre-production.

“To figure out what to do, we had to research everyone so…you really can’t research something without learning a thing or two,” says 11-year old Willder Vinis. “And when we presented, we made sure to drop a lot of facts about life back then, to show what it was like to be a boy working on a farm—or a soldier.”

Then there was the rehearsal.

“We also had to practice practice practice. It took us a whole lot of time to get our gun drill down,” says Willder.

They also say they had fun and learned a lot

“It was pretty crazy, but it was also educational and exciting,” says 11-year-old Miles Willcottdurante.

After four hours of repeating the same scenes to over 200 students in the school, they were exhausted, and didn’t want to repeat their lines anytime soon.

“I really never want to say those lines ever again, I did it 48 times,” says Miles.

“It does something to you when you say the same thing again and again 48 times over the span of two days,” says Willder.

These fifth graders may be tired, but their teacher is excited to do this with her new students next year.

“Oh I’m completely excited about doing it again next year we already have a nice starting off point with our props and the ideas we have, but it will be something that I hope to do for a lot of years to come,” says Maxwell.

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