Even with a shortage, Levy County school resource officers thrive


Sgt. Max Long has been a school resource officer for 15 years with the Levy County Sheriff’s Office—but people know him berry by “Mr. Max.”

He says his job is much more than just keeping people safe.

“You get a lot of love from the kids especially on days when they see you and they get excited,” says Mr. Max. “They give you high-fives and fist-bumps or they just give you that hug so I just appreciate having that relationship with them and having the rapport.”

School resource officers also teach general safety procedures, tailored to each grade level.

But Mr. Max says the relationship he has with each child is the most special.

“I’m not here just to lock people up, we do more than just that,” says Mr. Max. “Safety and security of our schools, students, and our families are first and foremost—but if you got a problem, we are here to help you.”

He says one of the hardest things about his job is seeing a child in a broken home.

“There’s a lot of kids that were coming into our school system that came form troubled homes, there’s substance issues, alcohol issues, domestics violence, child abuse and it really affects kids,” says Mr. Mike. “So we are part of a village to help raise a child and help them through that difficult time.”

but he says his faith and drive for helping others, and seeing their smiling faces, makes it all worth it

“I have the best job in the world,” says Mr. Mike.

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