'It feels great!' Ex-felons now registering to vote in Alachua County

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    “It feels great,” says resident, Patricia Turner-Jefferson. “I can’t tell you, I’m bursting inside with joy.”

    There is a second chance for convicted felons, now able to vote.

    “I’m very happy I want to vote so bad,” resident Tequila McKnight.

    At the Alachua County Supervisor of Elections Office, many people rejoiced—saying they now, feel like they have a voice.

    “It makes you feel like second chances are still alive,” says resident Daniel Reese.

    An organization called “The Sentencing Project” estimates over 1.4 million people in Florida have felony convictions.

    Since Florida voters approved Amendment 4, those with prior non-violent felony convictions can now register to vote.

    “I did 26 years incarcerated, and having the opportunity to vote again is a privilege,” says resident Clarence Fox.

    “If you’ve done what you’re supposed to do, second chances should be an innate right,” says Turner-Jefferson.

    Those who came today say this is just one step forward—on leaving their mistakes, in the past.

    “Your past is just that—your past, your future is where you’re going,” says resident Cynthia Gainey. “Get your rights, vote, make your voice count.”

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