EXCLUSIVE: Gainesville family recovering after man run over by his stolen car

EXCLUSIVE: Family recovering after man run over by stolen car

Joshua Roe was doing a favor for a family friend, delivering some household items Saturday night, when deputies say a 16-year-old boy stole his car.

Elizabeth Roe said her 36-year-old husband left the keys in the car for about 45 seconds when he came back and it was gone.

"He walked just around the curve of the road to take a look around and sees the car," Elizabeth said. "He went over to the grass to try and get out the way, but the car followed and ran him down," Elizabeth said.

Elizabeth said her husband had called 911 when he saw the car was missing and was on the phone with dispatchers when he was hit by the car. Officers arrived and helped him call his wife.

"Right there when he was on the ground he sounded like he was in tremendous amounts of pain and was pretty terrified," Elizabeth said. "It was all very emotional."

Gainesville Police say 16-year-old Kyyan Jackson was riding his bike in the area when he saw the car running. They say after striking Joshua he picked up a couple of friends and they were driving around when an officer spotted the car. They say the car took off but crashed into a ditch. Jackson was charged with attempted murder while he and 16-year-olds Elijah Philman and Brandon Small also face charges of grand theft auto and fleeing police.

Joshua is still in the hospital with severe injuries, including a crushed pelvis, broken ribs and broken vertebrae. Elizabeth said he still has tire marks on his entire body.

"Its a very traumatic life changing event," she said. "It's not just affecting Joshua but me and the kids."

Doctors told Elizabeth it will take months for him to stand again and a full year for everything to heal.

"This affects Joshua and our family tremendously because he's a PhD student (at University of Florida), that's why we live here in Florida," Elizabeth said.

Joshua is also an outdoors man, a hiker, and avid cyclist. Elizabeth said they only had the one car between the two of them because he would ride his bike everyday.

"The goal is to get him back on his bicycle and get things back to normal but it's going to take some time," she said.

He's also a new dad, being in the hospital is taking a lot of time away from his newborn son and 2-year-old daughter.

With help of friends and family, the Roes are trying to make ends meet and hopefully soon get back to normal.

If you would like to donate and help cover surgical costs, the family has set up a youcaring account, any donation is appreciated.

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