Remembering Gilchrist's fallen deputies through the eyes of those who loved them

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The two fallen Gilchrist county deputies have made national headlines, bringing attention to law enforcement and its dangers.

“When you take two people out of this world that were so special and mean so much to you, it just feels different,” said Kyle Schultz, Taylor’s friend and officer at the Chiefland Police Department.

On Thursday, Noel Ramirez and Taylor Lindsey’s brothers in blue wanted to come together and give you a glimpse into the legacies they’ve left.

“You can’t help but to be close to your brothers next to you,” Schultz said. “And they ate, breathed and lived the one team and one mission aspect.”

Friends said Taylor is known for his dependability and his love for his community.

“He never complained,” said Keagon Weatherford, Noel’s friend. “He’s an amazing person and was in it for the right reasons and even though he was so young, you could look at him and see how pure he was and how his intentions were.”

Friends said Noel is known for building up his teammates and being a family man.

“His heart is just so pure,” said Noel’s friend, Tom Martin. “He wanted to get into this line of work for all of the right reasons. He took pride in every aspect of his life. Being a father, being a cop.”

He also had pride in being a husband.

“He was my protector,” Noel's wife, Gigi Ramirez, said. “I was always so quiet. He always told me, 'speak out speak out.' Now I know why. This is all for a greater purpose. He’s helped me find my voice.”

Although these men are not here today, those who loved and knew them say they’re not gone. Their memory will live on through their families, their community and law enforcement.

“He loved law enforcement he had such a leader’s heart, a servants heart,” Gigi said. “He really did die doing what he loved.”

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