Family donates property, creates brand new K9's For Warriors training facility in Alachua

The 9-bedroom, 7-bathroom house on 67 acres of land was donated to the program for veterans with PTSD to stay for 3 weeks and train their service dogs.

"I get depression - angry - and with this program it really helps me to interact and communicate with my service dog," veteran Brian O'neil said.

K9's For Warriors is the largest service dog provider in the country. Since 2011, they have helped 422 people and rescued 900 dogs.

Veteran Jeremy Glass said he brings his service dog everywhere.

"It's difficult adapting back to society... there is no transition period from when you get home," Glass said. "He's my battle buddy, he's got my back."

The group has already graduated from the program, but came back for additional training.

"For me it had changed my life drastically... before coming to K9's I was in and out of the hospital, alcohol dependent," Campus Director Randy Dexter said. "Since getting paired with my service dog, I'm a college graduate, director of this beautiful facility," he said.

The group says there's no better place to get treatment than at this campus.

"To come back to Florida to work in this facility knowing we are helping other veterans like me and dogs is a dream come true," Dexter said.

This program is also looking for volunteers especially to cook homemade meals for the vets and deliver them to the campus.

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