Firefighter injured in early morning fire at O2B Kids

2018-01-17 fire pic 1.jpg

Gainesville Fire Rescue responded to a fire alarm at O2B Kids on NW 43rd Street early Wednesday morning.

Crews cut down a fence to make it to the fire on the backside of the building.

"One of our firefighters sustained injury when we were trying to make entry to the backside of the structure," Cowart said. "He had a trauma injury to his hand. He is expected to make a full recovery."

Cowart says it seems to be about a 25 to 30 percent loss of the building.

"We believe the fire was caused accidentally by an electric fan, an exhaust fan that was located in the bathroom on the backside of the building," says Michael Cowart, Gainesville Fire Rescue Operations Chief. "We believe that is the cause, but we do have an investigator looking into the cause of the scene."

GFR inspected O2B Kids last year and the business was up to code, Cowart said.

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