First CBD lounge opens in Gainesville


Swamp City Gallery is Gainesville’s first CBD lounge, but it offers a lot more than just cannabis.

"No matter what you're interested in whether it be glass art, canvas art, craft beer, CBD or just hanging out with likeminded individuals, this is a place where people can come and hang out with other people who share similar interests or lifestyles,” Swamp City owner, Tyler King said.

Swamp City is best known for its cannabidiol or CBD --- and if you don't know what CBD is owner Tyler King will make sure you do by the time you leave.

"We have people that walk through the door that know nothing about THC, they know nothing about cannabis so one of the things we do here is educate people,” King said.

Extracted from the flowers and buds of marijuana, CBD doesn't get you high, but it can help with a host of medical problems from seizures to insomnia.

" The plant is truly a medicine and if you ask me it’s the first medicine,” General manger Tony Phillips said.

Its legal-- as long as it contains less than point three percent of THC.

King says the illegal form of the drug is not allowed on Swamp City Property.

" If we do see a customer attempting to consume illicit cannabis on the property they will be asked to leave and if happens again they will be asked not to come back."

Phillips says the goal of the lounge is to give people a safe environment and build a sense of community.

" We want people who come here to feel safe and feel welcome to discuss cannabis in an open free manner where they don't have to look over the shoulder and wonder if someone is judging them,” Phillips said.

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